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Trail blazing or wandering off into the desert?

Over the last two years I've been exploring the use which 3D printers can be put to for making slip-casting moulds.

Since I knew nothing about 3D printing, or slip-casting, or mould making, or ceramics, or glazing, or firing, or exhibitions, it turns out I had a lot to learn!

This website, and this blog, is another step along a road which I don't know where it will lead. The journey may prove interesting to some, and I hope will be useful for anybody who follows my route, at least telling you the steps not to take.

Today I'm making two little xmas tree moulds. They seem simple enough, but show the strengths and weaknesses of this approach. Wonderfully precise on the computer screen the prints look uncertain - because the size is small (4.5cm) . But until I will make and test the moulds, I won't be sure.

This is the essence of the processes at the moment, I am also trail blazing, or walking off into the desert - but never no which.

3D printed patterns of Christmas trees for mould making.
Thing #1 and Thing #2 Xmas tree patterns to test.

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