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Just not in the market?

So. I've been trying to get a licence to be on Cambridge Market. I was rejected because my stall would put the balance of the market out. Too many arts and crafts stalls will be there apparently.

So I decided to carry out a FOI search, via - a very useful site.

Of all the stalls on the market Hot Food and Retail make up nearly 60% of the stalls. Arts and Crafts make up last than 7%. Even if all the applications for Arts and Crafts stalls had been accepted then Arts and Crafts might have reached 8% of the stalls on the site. Seems pretty difficult to say that I (or any of my arty compatriots would make up too high a proportion.

It also took nearly 2 months to get to "decline", a good deal of that time taken in "lost - can't find you application - please re-submit".

Overall the argument seems quite thin, so I'll have to do more arguing. Still - It's always nice to have a windmill to tilt at!

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