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Ian Siragher

07900 206100

Having spent many years in business, first banking, then running my own company, I have decided to take a different track.

Having come to ceramics late in life I am fascinated by the sheer range of opportunities clay offers.

An allied interest in 3D printing was the other factor that confirmed that my life would be taken over by clay.

Each day is a journey of discovery, exploring the challenges and solutions that 3D printing combined with slip casting offers is a fascinating experience.

Working with clay is fulfilling, but the other aspect that makes this an exciting experience is the opportunity to join the community of ceramicists.

I am now part of The Prior Arts Group, also Anglian Potters and the CPA, where the varied range of people, talents and interests is life-affirming and enriching.

Claudine Fiche

After  over 25 years as a Modern Languages teacher and collector of ceramics, I decided to work part-time  to become a maker.  I practise hand-building and throwing techniques, and have enjoyed expanding my skills to include slip casting for the Ceramafacturers.

I enjoy throwing because it is challenging, and it is always rewarding when the final result matches my expectations,... which is rare!

Hand-building is very varied and more relaxing, the main challenge coming with the glazing process.

Glazing adds a whole new dimension of challenges to the work, the range of possibilities (for success and failure!) being almost infinite.

Ian introduced me to slip casting and I enjoy every stage of the process, from mould-making, casting, fettling and glazing. But, each stage is a risk, and we often joke that there are at least four chances to wreck the piece during the making process!

Ian's constant experimentation with new shapes and the opportunities from slip casting ensures that the work does not become repetitive. I have also designed a number of my own moulds, which have become firm favourites with our customers.

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