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Slip into something more comfortable

So. They revised design of the xmas tree came out of the plaster well, could always do a little better - byt that's details - details as you'll read me saying if you follow this for any while.

BUT - the challenge with a thin mould is that the slip tends to stick a bit if you're not careful. Not so much with porcelain , which is pretty thin, but earthenware certainly. You can always add Sodium Silicate, but that can get dodgy if you add the wrong amount. I prefer not to if I can avoid it.

So - revised the mould again, slightly large funnel and also - by-the-by a bigger design to be hung on a Christmas tree, rather than on the top of a mountain as we plan for the first ones. That, again is the benefit of building your patterns using 3D printing, you can build on success and take ideas in different directions, really easily.

Right now two 3D printers are printing the new designs! - more updates to follow.

slip casting mould for a xmas tree
Success at the second asking

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