Welcome to The Ceramafacturers' website.

Our focus is on slip casting, and mould making, using 3D printing to create moulds for our Ceramic Artwork.


Here you can find out about us and our ceramic work, link to our shops, and contact us.  You can also find out about the shows we are attending, learn about our glazes, slipcasting and our mould making techniques, and find out where we are on social media platforms. 

We are always updating the site, and putting new pictures on here, those also appear on our Instagram page, #The_Ceramafacturers

We hope you enjoy your visit, and we look forward to hearing from you, or meeting you at our exhibitions and shows.




Slip casting, slipcasting, mould making, ceramics, pottery, clay, glazing, kiln, kilns 

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Ceramics, Slipcasting, Mould making, Pottery, Clay,  Kiln, Kilns,Ceramafacturer, Potfest, 

"Art-In-Clay", 3D Printing, Glaze, Glazing, Craft, "Art and craft"

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